SAM-Care established the Dan Dong Hospital, a facility located in Dan Dong, China, approximately a mile from the North Korean border. The unique location of our hospital and the ubiquitous presence of our SAM-Care medical personnel enables us to offer assistance to those desperately in need of life saving medical intervention and humanitarian assistance in one of the most volatile and precarious regions of the world. For the past few years, our Dan Dong Hospital medical staff has treated and cared for tens of thousands of people desperately in need of assistance. North Koreans, Korean-Chinese and Chinese citizens make up the bulk of nationalities and people treated at our facility. No one in need is ever turned away.

Each year, hundreds of medical teams from around the world converge at the Dan Dong Hospital to participate in short-term medical missions. These teams travel to small, faraway Chinese villages along the border regions between North Korea and China to medically treat and care for the sick and the poor. It is also from our Dan Dong Hospital that SAM-Care, International launches numerous medical teams into North Korea.

Each year, the Dan Dong Hospital hosts teams of specialists such as eye surgeons, Cardiologists, Anesthesiologists, Family Practitioners, Gastroenterologists, Radiation Oncologists and Dentists from both South Korea and the United States. During the course of their stay, these doctors treat up to 200 patients per day. The doctors completely donate their time and services and all medications and procedures are performed free of charge to the patients. People unable to afford such care on their own are given precious gifts of health and healing through the loving Christ like actions of total strangers. At the end of their service, tears of joy overflow and spirits rise once again, as these patients re-enter the world with renewed hope, joy and health.