RUTF (Ready To Use Therapeutic Food) is a new home based therapy that has revolutionized the treatment of severe, acute malnutrition. First developed by physicians at the World Health Organization, it has been widely utilized in African nations such as Malawi and Niger to great success. Children, once on the brink of death from starvation with dismal chances of survival, are brought back to a stable state of health within an astonishing few short weeks. The survival rate of severely, acutely malnourished children treated with RUTF is around 97%. Here at SAM-Care, International, we have created a remarkable formula called SAM-Care RUTF which provides a severely, acutely malnourished child with life saving, powerhouse nutrition. SAM-Care’s RUTF delivers life saving nourishment in a manner which provides maximum nutrition, and easy absorbability for a wasted body. Our RUTF possesses complete nutrition, lightweight portability, requires no refrigeration, requires no heat or cooking, is highly resistant to microbial contamination, is extremely cost efficient and promotes home care as it allows mothers to administer sachets of concentrated nutrition in the comfort of their own homes without lengthy or expensive hospital stays. It empowers desperate mothers with the ability to save their save their dying children. RUTF is able to accomplish what modern medicine has not been able to do in the fight against malnutrition.

In creating this formula, we have partnered with one of the largest food manufacturing companies in South Korea (similar to a Kraft Foods in the U.S.). SAM-Care’s RUTF has undergone rigorous, independent testing and has been deemed nutritionally effective for the treatment of severe, acute malnutrition.

The cost of providing one child with an entire day’s worth of RUTF is $1.08. A month’s worth of RUTF is $33. We have initiated the production of our RUTF for the starving North Korean children, but our goal is to send this life saving paste to wherever the need exists around the world, wherever children are suffering, wherever children are dying without hope. With SAM-Care RUTF, it is our fervent prayer that children around the world will have a true fighting chance to survive and flourish – both here on earth and in eternity!